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Company Profile JiningXingbangConstruction Machinery Co., Ltd. In recent years, with the key support of Jining municipal governments at all levels, the strength of the growing, has gradually developed into a national scale, high-tech, advanced equipment, pilot peer standards of star enterprises, with broad prospects for sustainable development.

Hot Products

    • Cement Concrete Pump Truck

      Cement Concrete Pump Truck

      Concrete mixer truck nationwide unified direct sales welcome your call to negotiate! Dayu mixer: D912 dayu luxury car body, electric glass, suspension cab, 3700 wheelbase, yuchai 140hp engine, with intercooled supercharger, fast eight, 10T reinforced rear axle, 250mm double beam, 9.00-20 steel wire tire, with full power forceextractors, ABS, urea tank, up to 7 square.

    • Newly designed self contained 4 cube concrete mixer

      Newly designed self contained 4 cube concrete mixer

      There is a huge market in our region. Our company is mainly engaged in selling concrete mixing tank trucks. 2 square agitator,3 square agitator,4 square agitator,6 square agitator,8 square agitator,10 square agitator,? Preferential price, integrity management, field car, the company can handle the business by stages? , welcome to consult