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Jining Xingbang Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd

Company Profile JiningXingbangConstruction Machinery Co., Ltd. In recent years, with the key support of Jining municipal governments at all levels, the strength of the growing, has gradually developed into a national scale, high-tech, advanced equipment, pilot peer standards of star enterprises, with broad prospects for sustainable development.


    • 6 Tons of Car Crane

      6 Tons of Car Crane

      6 tons of car crane
      360° Rotation
      Double winches
      Alibaba verified supplier
      Hexagon telescopic boom

    • 8 Tons of Car Crane

      8 Tons of Car Crane

      8 tons of car crane
      1. 24Hours after-sales service by email or phone.
      2. 100% Response rate.
      3. Our customer-oriented sales and technical team are always at your service
      4. OEM Service available

    • 10 Tons of Car Crane

      10 Tons of Car Crane

      10ton truck crane leading performance: the boom length in full extension is 28m, the performance leading in 5%. The grade ability is 40%, which make the machine have good road adaptability. The unique U boom and plug-in boom head make the load-carrying capacity more balanced, and lift more...

    • 12 Tons of Car Crane

      12 Tons of Car Crane

      12 tons of car crane 6 m 6-arm, senior engineer newly developed all-U-boom, the main boom full extension of 27 meters, lifting capacity; fully optimized U-section main boom, the boom force more uniform, better rigidity, More secure Finite element analysis of the main arm design, to maximize the...