Working guide for truck Lifting transporter

- Nov 19, 2018-

1. Lifting equipment driver must go through professional safety training, and after the relevant department assessment and approval, issued a combination of lattice documents, fang quasi-separate operation.It is strictly forbidden for undocumented personnel to use lifting equipment. 

2. Before working, it is necessary to check whether the operating device is normal, whether the wire rope complies with safety regulations, brake, hydraulic device and safety device is complete and sensitive and reliable.It is strictly forbidden to operate with sick parts. 

3. Lifting arm elevation angle must not be less than 30 °, crane in the case of load should try to avoid landing and lifting arm. It is strictly forbidden to change the joystick before the lifting arm rises and falls securely. 

4. When lifting heavier objects, the weight should first be lifted from the ground about 10 cm, check the stability of the crane and brakes and so on is flexible and effective, in the confirmation of normal conditions can continue to work.