Tang Jun 10 Square Concrete Mixer

Tang Jun 10 Square Concrete Mixer

Supply dongfeng 5 square 6 square stirring car, dongfeng 5 square stirring car, dongfeng 6 square stirring car dongfeng 4-6 square, 3600 wheelbase, jade move 140 horsepower, small eight speed gearbox, 9.00R20 steel wire tire, brake, 153 before and after the bridge. 250mm double beam. Domestic top configuration: the tank adopts high strength manganese steel, domestic high quality hydraulic parts (hydraulic pump, motor) with reducer, multi-valve, radiator. With pneumatic water supply. Domestic parts: shijiazhuang branch wing reducer, henan xinxiang radiator, hefei changyuan hydraulic pump with reversing valve, zhenjiang power motor.

Product Details

Vehicle name 10 fang dayun stirring vehicle brand dayun fengchi

Engine (ps) yuchai 270 horsepower (gb 5) displacement (ml) 11596

The external dimension of the gearbox with 9 gears (mm) is 9100×2500×2870

Rated mass (kg

Weight (kg) 12990 axle load (kg) 6500/6500/18000

Frame (mm) 280 double deck front and rear axle (T) 9T/16T

Axle base (mm)

Number of spring sheets 8/13 8/12 tire model 10.00-20

Number of tires: 10+1 front and rear wheels (mm

Top speed of diesel fuel type (km/h) 90

Tank material alloy manganese steel (high wear resistance material ~ increase tank life more than 2 times) stirring capacity (m cubed) 10 cubic meters

Blade material alloy manganese steel 520(add wear resistant steel bar, improve service life) head thickness 8mm(manganese alloy steel)

Cylinder thickness of reducer made in China is 6mm(manganese alloy steel)

Hydraulic system of one-piece water tank with a volume of 400L

Air pressure water supply cooling system well-known brand in China (kaitong/xinxiang) radiator

Feeding speed m3/min≥3 running speed 0-14r/min

Discharge residual rate (%)≤1 discharge speed m3/min ≥ 2

Discharge range 180° upper and lower about height adjustment safety device add leakage receiving device

Mixing truck reducer made in China mixing truck hydraulic system made in China