Attentions For Installation Of Hydraulic Regulating Valve Of Small Crane

- Dec 27, 2018-

Attentions for Installation of Hydraulic Regulating Valve of Small Crane

1. Basic Principles of Installation

The installation of hydraulic control valves for small cranes should follow the relevant national standards and be strictly implemented in accordance with the design drawings and design documents.

2. Inspection before installation

The inspection before the installation of the control valve mainly includes the following contents: appearance, static characteristics, leakage, no-load travel time, compressive strength, insulation performance, air tightness and sealing, among which the first five items are required inspection items.

3. Installation Notes

The installation of small crane hydraulic control valves must ensure safety, ensure performance, easy operation and maintenance, and save installation costs.

4. Preventing Leakage

The hydraulic control valve of small crane is not allowed to leak during installation. In the process of using the electric control valve, if the filling culvert, flange gasket and other parts of the formation of cracks or micro-holes may lead to leakage.