How To Clean The Water Tank Of Mixer

- Dec 27, 2018-


1. Manual cleaning method:

It is necessary to dismantle the automobile water tank and remove the scale by manual hammer, scraper and shovel. The scale removal efficiency is low, the labor intensity is high, and it is not easy to clean up, so it is easy to cause secondary damage to the water tank.

Ordinary scale cleaner:

The water tank needs to be disassembled to remove incomplete, odor-prone, corrosive, easy to cause aging of the water tank and shorten its service life.

2. Professional scale remover for automobile water tank:

It can be cleaned without disassembly and without stopping. The special scale cleaner can be directly poured into the automobile water circulation system. After soaking, idling or driving for 20-30 minutes, the scale cleaner in the water tank and the system can be discharged. The scale, rust, mud and various harmful substances in the engine water circulation system can be effectively removed by repeatedly rinsing with water.

Although there are ways to clean up scales, owners should pay attention to reducing scales in peacetime. They should pay attention to the use of antifreeze fluid and never use ordinary water instead of antifreeze fluid, because antifreeze fluid can reduce the phenomenon of boiling water tank besides antifreeze. If ordinary water is used, it can not avoid boiling water, but minerals in water will also accelerate the formation of scales.