Small Crane Maintenance

- Dec 27, 2018-

Some minor abnormal phenomena occur in the use of small cranes, which are often the precursors of major failures. Strengthen daily maintenance and inspection, in order to avoid major failures and reduce the cost of use.

1. Daily maintenance. Daily maintenance is the maintenance of cranes before and after daily operation, with emphasis on cleaning, tightening and inspection.

1.1. Inspection before stopping operation of oil pump

1.2. Observe whether the working oil in the mailbox has bubbles or discoloration. There are a lot of bubbles on the oil surface or the color is white and turbid. The reason should be checked.

1.3. The temperature of the tank should normally be below 60 C.

1.4. Listen to the sound of the oil pump, such as noise, high oil temperature, may be the wear of the oil pump; when the temperature of the pump body is higher than the temperature of the tank 5-7 C, it may be that the mechanical efficiency of the oil pump decreases.

1.5. Check whether there is oil leakage in cylinders and motors, whether the tubing is shaking or whether there is oil leakage.

2. Inspection after shutdown

2.1. Clean or wipe the oil and dust on the parts of the machine.

2.2. Check for loosening or shortage of bolts in each part.

2.3. Check the oil level of hydraulic oil and add it if necessary.

2.4. Check whether there is oil leakage in each department and eliminate it.