Will The Concrete Mixer Adopt G6? What Is The Criterion Of G6?

- Dec 27, 2018-

Will the concrete mixer adopt G6? What is the criterion of G6?

On October 10, the Technical Service Center for Locomotives and Rolling Stocks issued the Notice on Acceptance of Matters Relevant to the <Announcement> of Automobile Products Meeting the Sixth National Emission Standard.

It is known that the greatest change of diesel oil used in Guoliu concrete mixer is that the total pollutant content is not more than 24 ppm, and the emission standard is more than 50% stricter than that of Guoliu concrete mixer.

Will the mixing of Guowu and Guoliu concrete mixers affect the performance? It is known that during the upgrading process from Guowu to Guoliu, the mixing of oil products will not affect the performance of automobiles. At that time, when the owner replaces the oil products, he does not need to clean the fuel tank, and only needs to choose the oil products matching the label of the vehicle when refueling. After refueling several times, he can complete the natural transition. For a car, reducing emissions can also affect fuel consumption and power performance. For a car company, the standards will be upgraded one after another, and the emission treatment will become more and more complex, and the cost of R&D will more than double.


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